Al Queda is Losing in Iraq Could This Collapse Jihandism WorldWide

Well, it looks like Al Queda is finally losing in Iraq, as the new government takes hold it refuses to yield to the terrorists and insurgents ruthless murdering of innocent life. The international terrorists and Jihadists are crumbling and soon no one in the world will listen to them in this could be the collapse of Jihad'ism that the scholars have been predicting.Many political analysts, as well as top CIA officials believe this is the beginning of the end of Al Queda.

Even Al Jazeera is starting to question their actions. If Al Queda loses in Iraq and fails to defeat the new government and the people of Iraq, the United States will have won a major battle in the war on terror, as the backs of the Al Queda murders and criminals are broken and there organizations is crushed to the ground and smeared like dirt mixed with Camel Dung.Not only have the suicide bombings of the international terrorists failed, but they have failed to gather synergy as the new Iraqi government is clearly ignoring them and pressing on for the greater good of the Iraqi people. If it were not for the leadership of the Bush administration, the United States military, the coalition allies and the American people the Iraqis would still be living a life under a dictator and the Next Generation of his sons ruthlessly killing.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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