Energy is often misunderstood, and never fully appreciated. It gives us heat, it gives us light, and it gives us the tools to manufacture, to travel, and for recreation. Without it, we would lie in the dark, the cold, and the open air. Without it, we would not be able to cook our food or store it, or even be able to grow it. Energy serves our lives.

Energy Conservation

Energy and information regarding conservation and what energy means. Find tips on how to save on energy, like shopping around for the cheapest supplier of electricity, renewable energy, etc.

Still Heating Your Water With Electricity? Now Is The Time To Switch To Oil
Homeowners who heat their home with oil but use an electric water heater are missing an opportunity to save money and increase the availability of their hot water.

In the open electricity market, you have the power to decide which company sells you the electricity you use. There are a variety of licensed retailers who may offer competitive pricing packages, as well as other products and services.
If you're shopping around for the cheapest supplier of electricity in your area, there are some terms that you need to be familiar with. Below is a list of the some of the commonly used terms.
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