Still Heating Your Water With Electricity? Now Is The Time To Switch To Oil by: News Canada

Homeowners who heat their home with oil but use an electric water heater are missing an opportunity to save money and increase the availability of their hot water.

According to the Canadian Oil Heat Association (COHA), homeowners who already have the equipment in place for oilheat but heat their water with electricity can experience quick cost savings and improved satisfaction with an oil-fired water heater. And if the equipment is rented, savings are immediate.

"An oil-fired water heater heats water five times faster than electricity at up to half the cost," says COHA President John Butt. "That means an entire family can shower in the morning without having to worry about running out of hot water, while spending much less on water heating."

Butt also says homeowners should look at home and water heating as a package deal to make managing household expenses more streamlined.

"By consolidating home comfort resources, there is one local company to call for servicing or questions, one home heating bill and one energy source in use," he says.

Today's oilheat is a clean-burning, efficient and cost-effective way to heat any home - and water! With modern equipment, competitive rates and top-notch service from a local company in the community, now is the time to consolidate home and water heating with oil.

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