The Open Electricity Market: How It Affects You by: News Canada

In the open electricity market, you have the power to decide which company sells you the electricity you use. There are a variety of licensed retailers who may offer competitive pricing packages, as well as other products and services. Or, you can continue to have Hydro One Networks purchase electricity on your behalf and sell it to you through "Standard Supply Service". This means they buy it at the given spot market rate, averaged over your billing period, and pass it on to you with no mark-up or profit. Regardless of your choice, Hydro One Networks is still responsible for the safe and reliable delivery of electricity.

Why has the Government of Ontario opened the electricity market?

An open electricity market breaks down the electricity monopoly for the generation, transmission, distribution and retailing of electricity in Ontario.

The Government's goal in opening the electricity market to competition in generation and retailing is to help consumers benefit from choice, offer better products and services and encourage exploration of new sources of power and ways of doing business. It is also felt Ontario's economy will have a stronger future. Competition gives consumers the option to deal with a licensed retailer, without compromising safe and reliable delivery of electricity to their homes or business.

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