Alternative Energy Wind Farm to Power Up Homes in Scotland

In Scotland they're planning the largest alternative energy wind turbine generator wind farm ever made. The massive project is to power up over 280,000 homes. It will be the biggest onshore wind farm in all of Europe.

It is planned near Glasgow and will have over 140 wind turbines. It will be built on high ground and take advantage of the fast-moving winds in the area. The project will generate 322 MW electricity and that will be more than enough to power up the homes.The project will power up more than two percent of Scotland's yearly electricity and will completed sometime in 2009. The 140 wind turbines will be spread out over a large area nearly 7 by 4 miles. Scotland has put forth some major climate change goals and targets using renewable energy's and believe they could save 650,000 tons of pollution per year with this one project.

The wind turbines will be so high midsummer worried about air traffic control radars and disruptions as well as weather radar links.Many nations are looking towards alternative energies including the United States, but even Greenpeace, that radical environmental group likes this project; can you believe it? Some environmental bird groups and a few people who like the scenery of the mountains have made complaints but the project is moving forward and these complaints will just blow away. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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