Anti US Tourist Attitudes at Canadian Border is BS

The Anti-US attitude at the Canadian Border is total BS. Why do they treat Americans so badly? Our nation supports their nation's economy and without us buying their products they would not have such a robust economy there. If they continue to treat Americans badly then we need to reciprocate with economic sanctions, tariffs and trade stop actions.Perhaps we need to refuse all goods from Canada for 1-year.

Allow their economy to crumple, then take off their hands all territories West of Ottawa. Face it the Canadian economy exists thanks to the US middle class buying power. If the US stopped purchasing, Canada would implode unable to run their socialist country.

It is the truth. I think all American Tourists who cross the border on vacation or even business feel really harassed. Yet the Canadians have allowed International Terrorists to come to their country then sneak over the border.

I think it is just criminal really.Oh and forget the politically correctness, not after that last comment. For the most part Canadians are okay, in the Western Provinces, but really I am little tired of their outlandish, weak-minded liberalist and socialist views. Go to a fiery place in advance for anyone who wants to chastise my observations or comments.

Start treating Americans nicer Canada you are starting to really piss off the average American and some blue bloods who are not appreciating it much. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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