Be a Cheerful Receiver

Most people live by the adage that "it is better to give than receive" and believe somehow it is wrong or selfish to accept anything for themselves and strictly for themselves-that there is something "wrong" or selfish with receiving.I have a question. If you freely give things to others and they refused to take it, how would it make you feel? Wouldn't you feel a little deprived of the joy of giving? Doesn't it then naturally follow that the same thing happens to someone else when you refuse to receive when things are offered freely to you?.When you deprive yourself or refuse to accept good things for yourself you are "devaluing" yourself in the world and the universe. You are sending a subconscious signal to the universe that you are just not worthy of receiving and that's what you get back.This is a hard thing for most of us to get.

We have been so conditioned to believe we must put everyone else first and just give, give, give. The problem is we are so busy in our giving we don't see what is subtly happening to our own spirit.So the lesson is while being a cheerful giver, also be a cheerful receiver. Buy some things for yourself just because YOU WANT IT. It doesn't have to be expensive.

Just do it strictly for you and feel the absolute joy in having it. That teaches your subconscious and the universe you are worthy.When you increase your own worthiness more great things come your way and you are able to give more and receive more.Nature is balance.

There has to be giving and receiving for it to work properly. The reality is we cannot be of any good to anyone else unless we take care of ourselves first. Being open and willing to receive joyfully keeps us in harmony with the natural flow of abundance in the universe.


Michael Morton is an entreprenuer and has created a number of successful businesses over the last 25 years, including a nationwide photography operation, each started with no money. He is a student of metaphyscial thought and has experienced first hand its power to manifest one's true desires. He is currently writing a book soon to be released: "How to Be COOL in an Uptight World" You may contact him at:

By: Michael Morton

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