Brief Grounding of an Idea A Guided Meditation for You

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Purpose of this Meditation

The purpose of this guided meditation is to help you to ground an idea. That is, to help an idea of your choosing to manifest. In my view, it is easy to have an idea, even a brilliant idea; it is not so easy to manifest it if our contradictory thoughts get in the way.


Find a comfortable place, sitting or lying down, where you can be fully relaxed and open to the ideas and energy of this guided meditation. After settling down and before reading, take three long, deep breaths to calm and empty yourself.

Reading this Meditation

This guided meditation is designed for you to read aloud to yourself or to someone else. For yourself, you may find that creating an audio tape recording is particularly effective. Speed reading this meditation will not accelerate spiritual progress! In fact, speaking slowly in a monotone is beneficial when guiding this meditation, even though such an approach is generally frowned upon in public speaking.

The designation ".

" indicates a pause, during which you may choose to be quiet or close your eyes and experience whatever comes to you. The . may look awkward as you glance at the page. However, when you are reading the meditation, it serves as a reminder to slow down generally and pause at that place.

During the meditation, you will be instructed to identify an idea you want to manifest, which will then be referred to as (your idea). In place of (your idea), read or think the idea you have identified or read "your idea" if you are reading this to someone else.

The Meditation: Brief Grounding of an Idea

Breathe in your essence. Your essence is who you are. Your essence is pure and clear. .

Receive it. . Let it flow downward through your body, through the various layers and levels of who you are. .

Let energy flow from the spiritual layer downward through the mental layer, into the emotional layer and then into the physical layer. This is the direction for manifestation.

Experience energy as it flows from the top down. .

Anchor the energy by moving it down through the body, through these layers and levels, down to the feet.

. Linger at the feet so this magnificent energy from above becomes so familiar to the feet that you know easily when to step forward, move back, or stand still. .

Let your feet continue to vibrate so they place you exactly where you need to be, when you need to be there. .

From your feet, follow the energy further down, into the earth, and then down into the center of the earth.

. Anchor the energy at the center. You may find it helpful to envision tying a knot in the center of the earth with a cord that flows downward with the energy. .

Once again, open at the top to allow vibrant energy to flow into the energy field and flow downward.


Now, shift your attention to the bottom of your energy field and change the direction of the flow of energy. By opening at the soles of your feet and the base of your spine, you welcome up the earth�s vibration. .

Rich, thick, beautiful energy from Mother Earth flows upward. . It flows up to support you, . to bring the essence of the ground up to you, . to help you know, without a doubt, that you are in the right place at the right time. .

Align now with your life mission and higher purpose. . Also align with your intention for the idea that you wish to manifest. .

Take all the time you need to identify the mission, purpose, and intention. . Relax. .

Now, name an idea that you want to manifest. .

Notice if it is solid enough to be brought into manifestation. . Make it more solid and dense, if needed, by drawing more Mother Earth energy into it. .

As soon as you have named this idea, relax into the energy that flows from the top down. . Relax and open. .

Focus your attention at the top of your head. .

Envision (your idea) at the top of your head. . Slowly, allow (your idea) to move downward, down through the layers and levels, down to the feet, and down into the center of the earth.

. Notice any resistance or heaviness or discomfort. .

Ask (your idea) if it wants to manifest in your life. Listen to the answer. .

Rather than trying to force (your idea) to manifest, observe if (your idea) flows into the earth, easily and effortlessly. You will not benefit by trying to manipulate (your idea); instead, be in the flow. Notice and appreciate.


Notice if you remain grounded in this process. Notice if (your idea) is grounded, joyous, ready. If not, let it go! If so, let it go! If it wants to change, let it change.

When both you and (your idea) are joyous, (your idea) manifests in your life!.

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Jeanie Marshall, Empowerment Consultant and Coach with Marshall House, produces Guided Meditations on CD albums and MP3 downloads and writes extensively on subjects related to personal development and empowerment. Voice of Jeanie Marshall, .


By: Jeanie Marshall

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