Conquer Your Desktop Clutter with Action Files

Action files enable you to unclutter your desk yet still keep reminders and current papers close at hand. Also known as working files, these files are usually separate from -- and in addition to ? client, project, or reference files. Action files are for current or pending activities and miscellaneous things you must act on.Action files must always be within easy reach-- ideally in a small desktop file holder that holds the file folders upright so the tabs are clearly visible.

For added peace of mind, make a note in your calendar or scheduling software to remind you of important dates. This combats the "out of sight, out of mind" worry and lets you clear your desk without fearing you'll forget something important.Suggested categories for Action Files:.? phone calls to return
? agenda for an upcoming staff meeting
? expenses to submit
? bills to pay
? papers to file
? business development ideas
? good ideas to try someday
? papers to photocopy
? current departmental & administrative matters
? pending health insurance claims
? your upcoming business trip
? tasks to delegate to your assistant
? conferences to register for
? matters to discuss with co-workers
? errands to run, gifts to buy, sale coupons
? things to discuss with your child's teacher or doctor
? pending (for example, letters you sent for which you must receive a reply).

It's not necessary to use every category listed here, and feel free to add any others that suit you.Copyright Jan Jasper 2006.


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By: Jan Jasper

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