Entrepreneur Mindset

I would like to begin the task of breaking down the barriers that hinder our own success. We have all been thought the basics of life and what it takes to succeed in the world. Unfortunately for most of us that meant this basic mentality: we grow up, we acquire our first job and focus on moving up within that company and or changing employers to better our income along the way using and applying the skills we have learned. This is what I consider to be the first barrier, one must overcome this as well as other instinctive (first response) barriers in order to achieve the success they desire.This mentality is not necessarily a bad thing, for some they are quite happy to go through life being an employee.

For others they follow the same path but are not as satisfied with the outcome. These are the individuals that always dreamed of something more but never acted on their true feelings. This also spans back to the first barrier mentioned in the beginning of the article. To achieve independent success one must travel outside their individual comfort zone and break free of some instinctive barriers we learn growing up. We all have a bad habit of becoming complacent when it comes to employment, we get to comfortable, we get use to that regular pay check and the thought of change also brings out the fear of failure. This is the comfort zone that is difficult to break free of.

Along the way we don't stop to consider the possibilities we can create for ourselves. Today the cost of opening a small home based business is extremely modest in comparison to years past. The financial risks have also been decreased significantly. The cost of a franchise for instance in most cases is a make or break situation for the average person. Let's face it who has that kind of money to risk and frankly I never liked the idea of having all my eggs in one basket.

The internet has revolutionized the entire work at home industry, it commands a global reach to its users. Global reach means global sales opportunities for anyone willing to learn and put fourth the effort. Owning an internet business is really no different than a brick & mortar business except when it comes to the area in witch it can service. There are millions of internet users world wide (if you're reading this your one of them) it makes you no different than me or your neighbor down the street or the man or women in the next state or country.

The fact is that the potential is absolutely huge and will only continue to increase as the next generation grows up never knowing a world without the internet.When I first started out I was not by any means a computer genus nor do I make that claim now, all I had was a dream to work at home, gain financial independence and spend that ever so precious quality time with my family. Prior to my first child I was caught where many of you are now.

I was working a 70-80 hour work week as a manager of an automotive dealership. The money was good and a sparkling new car in the driveway was nothing to complain about. I struggled with the idea of letting it all go to try making it on my own.

I quit my job and walked out with only a dream and a willingness to learn. In retrospect I would highly recommend getting your business off the ground prior to leaving your current job. I did experience the good the bad and the ugly when I first started out, but what business owner wouldn't have a story or two to tell. There is certainly plenty of quality information and courses available on the internet today, the trick is finding something that interests you.

Always remember if you enjoy what you do you will never work a day in your life. I hope, if nothing else this article will encourage you to re-evaluate your current situation and help you start down the path of unlocking your true potential. The best of luck with all your future endeavors.

.Jim Williams, is the owner of Opportunity Knox a small home based business running several affiliate realated websites.America visit: Work At Home Ltd.

com.Canada visit: Canadian

By: Jim D Williams

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