How to Build Effective Rapport

Every single person must and has built rapport at some time in their life. Whether the rapport is affective or ineffective is their choice. When building effective rapport you must:.Use proper use of language
Use attentive body language
Amplification your language.When using the proper use of language, you must conduct and use appropriate words, sentences and paragraphs that are related to the topic of area you are speaking about. Speaking about common experiences is an effective way of relating and breaking down barriers when building rapport.

It is a good way also to share individual perspectives and gain knowledge from one and other.It has been said that the shortest distance between two people is a smile. So make sure you always smile! The smile has many functions, it shows you do not hold their power, you are friendly, and are confident in yourself. It also shows that you are a happy person  when using a smile to conduct a greeting make sure that it is authentic, otherwise the other person will pick up that you may be dubious, or untrustworthy. When attending to your speaker through effective body language you must match and mirror their use of body language through your own. This allows the speaker to see that you are interested in the conversation.

The amplification of you language should match the tone, pitch, and pace of your speakers use. This allows your speaker to understand your message, and relate to you on an even level. Another way to relate in order to build good rapport is to match the breathing rate of your speaker.

When building rapport you should always think of the receiver in whom you are speaking to. Keeping in mind their needs. Rapport is the springboard for a successful relationship, it is important to aim for the best communication that is open, trusting, and non-judgmental.To summarize:.Match and mirror the speakers body language
Smile authentically
Match the tone, pitch, and pace of your speakers language
Keep the persons needs in mind when speaking to them
Share common experiences
Aim for open, trusting, non-judgmental communication.


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By: Sarah Liddle

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