Hurricanes Suck So Let Us Capture the Energy to Power Up Civilization

It has been said that a high Category Hurricane develops enough energy that it is equal to on Hiroshima Atomic Bomb going off every 10-minutes? Ah hello, and wow Mother Nature is the Goddess of Energy indeed, nothing can compete with that now can it? Well why compete, if she so graciously has shown us how that works?.Why not make Hurricanes, steer them or even attempt to capture even a small portion of that energy? In that case a Hurricane would no longer be a villain but a blessing as one or two Hurricanes per year and you could power up the entire sandbar of the Great State of Florida? And you can bet those snowbird New Yorkers would love to save a buck during their winter stays in the perpetually sunny winters indeed.How can you possibly capture the energy of a Hurricane? Well we know about wind power right? That is one way? We know about making ocean wave energy too, perhaps we could use that also. Consider the huge storm surges, which can re-arrange an entire beach coastline in minutes or under a few hours?.The biggest hardship would be storing the energy, but if we could hook it to the grid it might be enough to power up the entire grid for the duration of the Hurricane and then the grid could owe Florida back that amount of energy and the offset costs could fund the entire FEMA rebuild, with money left over which would equal free energy the rest of the non-Hurricane season. Consider this in 2006, as there has to be a way?.

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By: Lance Winslow

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