Its in the habits

Do you want to know the true secret to success in life and business? I am sure you do. Everyone wants to know this secret. If you have this secret in your heart and mind, if you live it, for you no limits will exist.

It is really very simple. I myself discovered it by chance.

I love good food and a good cold beer.

Nothing is free, the dues I had to pay for what I liked was a battle with weight. When the time came that I realized I needed to lose a few pounds I would go buy a fitness book and a nutrition book. I would actually read them and try some things I read. But it was day on day off and things would come up. I soon forgot why I wanted to do this and life went on. This occurred From time to time but nothing long term.

Not long after a 39 day stay in a hospital I stepped on the scale and looked in the mirror and realized I was 45 pounds overweight. My clothes didn't fit and I as uncomfortable. I knew what I had to do. I had read all the books. But finally I knew if I didn't take care of my body it wouldn't take care of me and I only had one life and one body.

How could I succeed now? I had tried this many times and only minor results. This time was different so the way had to be found. Everyday I planned a schedule. I became my own personal trainer and nutritionist. I planned out my meals and changed my tastes to eat to live not live to eat.

I wrote myself into a book and created new habits that allowed me to achieve my goals. And that, my friends, is the secret.

I succeeded when I had failed so many times in the past.

The truth is success had no chance until the habits put me on the right path. I learned a lesson from my weight loss success and have implemented it in all aspects of my life and business. Make habits that move you to your goals and it will make success a habit in your life.

I lost all the weight I wanted. I feel great. My business is moving and I feel great. I wrote a blueprint for my life and my business. There are challenges and difficulties, sure. But success is now a way of life for me because I discovered that win/lose, succeed/fail, rich or poor, It's in the Habit.

Make lasting success your habit.

Darwin N Dennis
Simple Solutions for Success and Freedom
Experience Life to its Fullest

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About the author: Darwin is retired military and now operates a successful internet marketing business. He lives in Thailand.

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By: Darwin Dennis

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