Lance Rants about WMD Going from Iraq into Syria

In some intelligence circles it has been reported that the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iran cannot be found, because the day before the attack on Baghdad they moved from Iraq into Syria. Supposedly taken there by French Foreign Legion and the Russian special forces, but liberals in the United States will not address this issue and state things like;."Do you honestly believe that if Bush could prove that the Russians and the French as you put it helped remove WMD to Syria he would not make it public? Are you serious?".

It is unwise to make that public, it opens too many other Pandora's boxes for The Administration to State that. But Kerry knows it too, yet still called him a liar knowing the President could not say anything. I think politics stink and the public buys into all the media and trashes on the leadership and allows them selves to be divided and some bound in hate over these issues when they have no clue to the reality.It is amazing how well the created reality of World Events and Mass Media shields us from the real reality, which the common man is not allowed to see. But in the end, amongst the rumors and created reality lies the truth. We would be much better served as citizens not to believe everything the media puts out to keep us in the sound and fury of political in-fighting and pay more attention to the views outside the cave and not merely the flickering flame.

Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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