Many Around The World Doubt The US Will Win The War On Terror

Believe it or not many around the world actually believe that the United States cannot win the war on terror. They believe that the world's greatest nation; The United States of America, is being rendered impotent against the international terrorist cells.They fully admit that the United States is the greatest nation ever created in the History of Mankind, but believe that our mighty army cannot hunt down and kill International Terrorists.Recently an over seas academic thinker came to our online think tank and was discussing this subject and stated; "Now, I am no American either and I must admit America is the present greatest power of the world, both economically and military.

But you said that there is no other possibility than victory in the war on terror. I disagree with that: the USA is obviously the strongest player in the field and they will without doubt win from every regular army in the world.".Interesting that this attitude and false belief permeates so much of the rest of the World news media.

It seems as if the International Terrorists actually believe this them selves, that they can somehow win against the United States of America. That our people lack the will to win the war on terror or that we are somehow impotent against them, not so.Indeed not only will we win the war on terror, but the world will be a better place when we do.

Including a better place for all those who doubt we can do it. I say to the terrorists your mission will fail and you manhood will be lost forever and I say to the naysayers; Well watch us win the war on terror. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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