Mexican Illegal Aliens Will Die Trying to Cross Desert This Summer

It has been estimated that over 500 illegal aliens will die crossing the deserts in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and California this summer. In fact things have not even got much over 95 degrees and already 35 have perished trying to cross the Arizona Desert and this is merely the beginning.As Mexican President Vincent Fox coaxes more and more vagrants, drug addicts and others to come to America to work and send back money we will see many more die due to the heat of the deserts. Why is this happening and what can be done for the sake of humanity as these illegal immigrants die for no reason?.

Well, some say not much can be done, but if they would stop breaking the law, then they would not die. Others say that comment is way over the top and therefore they have set up water rest stops with marked water barrels near large shady cactus trees. The authorities and volunteers of the project; "Water for Illegal Criminals" say that this will prevent deaths and perhaps it will indeed.How do they know where to put the water barrels? Oh that's the easy part. You see you just follow the trail of trash and debris left by the previous illegal aliens trying to cross.

And this strategy seems to work well, every morning or three times a week the water barrels are filled back up and the trash all around is picked up. So you see some of those 500 illegal alien criminals will indeed be spared so they can come to our country illegally. Consider all this in 2006.

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