Mexico City Earthquake and Volcano

Well if you think there are alot of illegal immigrants in the United States now; can you even imagine how many illegal aliens would be lined up at our borders in Mexico City had another large earthquake like in 1985 or another Volcano eruption? With 25 million people in Mexico City, it is one of the largest cities in the world.If that city were destroyed similar to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake then where would all those people go? Why do I ask? Well, like the Bay Area in California and this San Andreas fault, Mexico City is also overdue for very large earthquake.Additionally, large seismic activity in Peru, Central America along with the few volcanoes seem to have a pattern that led up to the 1985 Mexico City disaster. The pattern seemed to go for about 45 days prior to the large Mexico City quake. Two years ago we saw the same pattern and a minor eruption of a nearby Volcano.

Now we see the pattern start to repeat again. Is this the year Mexico will catch up with its Earthquake Cycle?.It is quite conceivable that Mexico City could have an 8.5 or larger earthquake and due to the size of this city and its population currently it would be the largest disaster in human history.

And it could well leave million is dead, as well as an environmental disaster afterwards. The people who survive, many would need medical attention that would not be available due to the collapse of this city.Water supplies can power would also be shut off and at least 18 million people would try to come to the United States of America. Currently the United States of America could perhaps take the 18 million people in, however the economy in Mexico would be destroyed and it would take two to three decades for it to come back. Meanwhile with 24 million estimated illegal aliens already in the United States of America our economy would be under additional stress and it would be a challenge for us as well.

Please consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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