Most Car Wash Chains Around Washington DC Hire Illegal Aliens No One Cares

Recently on a trip to Washington D.C., I visited a car wash, which had illegal aliens or illegal immigrants working at it. I speak a little broken Spanish having lived in California previously and I asked the manager who only spoke Spanish if these were illegal aliens or illegal immigrants and he said; I don't know and we are careful not to ask them, but I think so.Ah ha, he thinks they are illegal aliens or illegal immigrants to our nation who have snuck over the border and come here to work and broken the law and he also knows that he has broken the law in hiring them.

Most car wash chains around Washington DC hire illegal aliens but nobody cares because most of the people who work in Washington D.C. at a higher level in the bureaucracies also higher domestic maids who are illegal aliens.Isn't it interesting that our politicians and those who pretend to work around Washington D.C.

are so easily inclined to break the laws of our nation? No wonder nobody in Washington D.C. cares about the illegal immigration problem or the holes in our border.Most car wash chains around Washington D.C. hire illegal aliens and nobody cares, but this is typical of the car wash industry as most car wash chains across America also hire illegal aliens and nobody cares.

Do you care? Prove it.Call in your local car wash to the illegal immigration people or the border patrol in your area. The INS phone number is in your phonebook. See, you are not an America and you don't care either.

You stupid hypocrite, you were just like the bastards in Washington D.C. What's the matter can't you handle the truth?.Why haven't you called in the illegal aliens at your car wash? Why do they do a better car wash? There is a college kid who would love to have that job. How do I know?.I was in the car wash business for 27 years and we never hired an illegal alien.

But the competition did and you didn't care then and you don't care now. We made just as much money at our car washes as they did, maybe more due to the efficiencies of all of us speaking the same language. The illegal immigration problem is your fault and why should the people in Washington D.

C. care either? Consider the 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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