Palestinians and Their Right to Attack Israel

Do you know that many Palestinians and their new Hamas Government actually believe they have the right to attack and kill Jews? If you sit down and talk with them it is amazing the amount of hatred they spew and the things they say.Unfortunately this hate and the Palestinian plight, which for the most part is their own doing, has caught the bleeding heart pity of many a person. Then these people are being used to support their cause of poverty and that money is re-diverted to International Terrorists who blow up buses, discos, restaurants and hotel lobbies via suicide murdering bombers.On a political Blog recently such a supporter writes; "I don't know who you think you are talking to.

but again.the US and Israel are occupying, stealing land and killing the people they occupy.".

Of course I am not one to let this go and so I stated; I do not care who I am talking too, because what you are saying is baloney. The US is not occupying that is propaganda. Israel was attacked by Arab forces and the war ensued in 1967 and they took or won additional properties in that war [a buffer zone if you will].

They were attacked. Today suicide murderers attack innocent life in Israel blowing up buses, hotel lobbies and such. To appease these folks who call themselves Palestians, the Israelis gave back settled areas and private homes and such.

Did the suicide attacks stop? No. Will they ever? No. If this happened in our country, guaranteed we would rid our selves of the problem completely. I know we would, why should Israel not defend itself? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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