Penis Enlargement Miles to achieve

Penis Enlargement ? A Longer Perspective Penis enlargement refers to techniques that elongate or enlarge the male re-production organ. These techniques include surgical implants, medication or exercise. Though the effectiveness of the afore-said is yet to be proved scientifically, the practice continues to be popular world-wide. Some of the most popular practices are listed below (not in the order of popularity). Surgical methods: Lengthening of the penis is termed as enhancement phalloplasty while penis widening is referred to as girth enhancement. Widening of penis involves injection of silicone implants into the penis and the scrotum.

A recent survey has found out that girth surgeries are far more effective than phalloplasty. On an average, the circumference of the penis showed a increase of .7 inches during erection and about 1 inch when flaccid.

The disturbing side to this surgery is that it sometimes causes loss of sensation, deformation, scars or the inability to have a normal inter-course. Recently developed bio-degradable implants show much more promise than artificial silicone implants, and are relatively safe. About 80% of the men who have undergone this treatment for various penis related disorders have expressed satisfaction. Surgical penis elongation or phalloplasty involves freeing of the suspensory ligament and the fudiform ligament from the pubic bone. These ligaments are responsible for the erection and are attached to the pubic bone.

Freeing them surgically gives the penis more length. Usually about a quarter of the penis is inside the body and freeing it gives it more length for erection. A survey of people who have undergone this procedure reveals that most of them (more than 70% of the recipients) are dissatisfied.

The average increase in length is reported to be around 20 to 30 cm. lengthening of penis by attachment of foreign bodies is unsafe and un-advisable. Another method that is popular among men who suffer from complete impotence is to go in inflatable implants. These implants are usually placed in the scrotum or the groin, and are operated by a hand held pump.

These can be placed anywhere inside the pubic area, and produce erection wherever desired. Also the erection can be maintained for the desired time. Methods of enlargement by self treatment - Psychological: Trimming of pubic hair around the penis makes the penis look larger than normal, though of not much real help, it does give you the psychological edge. Medical pills: A large amount of medical pills designed to enlarge the penis are flooding the market, most of them being harmful. A scientific analysis of the pills revealed that most of them contained harmful and toxic substances, including disease causing micro-organisms. Some of the pills have no effect at all, while others induce sexual arousing without any practical change in length.

Penis pumps: These are mechanical instruments that cause suction. They contain a rubber glove for fitting over the penis and a vacuum pump is attached to it. When the pump is operated a vacuum is created around the penis, which helps in increasing the blood flow in the penis which increases the blood pressure, which in turn helps in enlargement.

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