Signs Of Infidelity

How can you tell if your husband or you wife is cheating on you? There is no concrete formula for finding out, but there are some important indicators that logically merit suspicion. Here are some of them:.Sudden secretiveness. If your spouse comes home very late at night or early in the morning but refuses to say why, hides his or her mobile phone and becomes very secretive about his or her whereabouts, you have reason to be skeptical.

Change in routine. Another sign of possible infidelity is deviance. Your spouse may start doing things that he or she has never done before.

He or she may start taking pills to increase libido, for example, or get his laundry done separately, and even ask about your schedule more than usually.Your spouse may also exhibit very noticeable differences in routine. Does he or she leave too early or come home late? Are his or her lunch breaks taking too long? Then you have reason to investigate.Changes in personality. Your spouse may likewise show some changes in personality and behavior ? he or she may become distant, unloving and uncaring.

Other telltale signs include refusal to make love and changing appearance (putting on a different brand of cologne and wearing different clothes).Other signs. Look at your spouse's credit card bills. Did he or she buy unusual gifts? Are there suspicious travel, restaurant and ""unspecified"" charges? You should also check gas credit cards for uncommon locations and cellular phone bills for calls to unfamiliar numbers. You should also start investigating if there are unexplained payments or deposits on bank statements.


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By: Peter Emerson

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