Steps to Following Your Heart and Living Your Dreams

When you follow your heart, you follow your inner guidance.When you follow your inner guidance, all steps lead to love.It's a great concept, but how do you do it? How do you follow your heart? It's not as mysterious or abstract as it may seem. Here's a 3-step process that anyone can do.***********.

Step One.Abraham* tells us that your emotions are your guidance system. That's why our first step is to pay attention to our emotions in a whole new way. Instead of expressing, understanding, or even aiming to deeply feeling our emotions, in this process we are looking to them for information.Our emotions basically tell us, among other things, which way we are headed."Negative" emotions are telling you that you are going in the opposite direction of your heart's desire.

"Positive" emotions are telling you that you are moving swiftly toward the fulfillment of your heart's desire.So, step one of our mini-system is this: Pay attentions to your emotions.Do you feel better than you did just a moment ago (or a day ago) or do you feel worse?.***********.Step Two.Abraham* also tells us that, "Good feels good and bad feels bad.

" Now that we are paying attention to our emotions, we are going to add this very obvious (but often overlooked) interpretation.If your emotions feel "good" let's interpret that as an indication that your focus in this moment is "good." Here, "good" means any focus that allows you access to the flow of life force.

This can also be understood as any focus that inspires a release of resistance. This type of focus is "good" because the more you release resistance, the more available you become to receive what you have been asking for.If your emotions feel "bad" let's interpret that as an increase in resistance.

We're calling that "bad" because it is a clear indicator that you are in the process of creating something other than what you want.So, step two of our mini-system is this: Interpret your emotions as a meter of allowing and resistance. How your emotions feel ("good" or "bad") tells you how much you are engaged allowing your good to come to you or how much of you is engaged in resistance.***********.Step Three.

Trade in your resistant focus for something you love.If your emotions are telling you that your current focus has you headed in the wrong direction, and if you interpret that to mean you are engaged in resistance and moving away from what you want, step 3 becomes pretty obvious:.Change your focus.

You can do this with ease. Here's how. You notice what you don't want and let it tell you what it is you do want. If you look 180 degrees from the circumstances you are resisting, you will find the possibility of what you love.Step three asks you to focus on something that you love, even if it is not currently "real" in your experience.

You know if you have truly shifted your focus because your guidance system will tell you. If you suddenly feel a little bit better, you are now moving toward the fulfillment of your heart's desire.This system is clean and simple. It is also powerful beyond description. I wish you much success as you move joyfully toward the fulfillment of your heart's desire.*Find out more about the teachings of Abraham at www.

.Dr. Rebbie Straubing is a workshop leader, Abraham Coach, writer, and developer of The Yoga of Alignment (YOFA).

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By: Rebbie Straubing

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