Success The Quickest Way to Your Million Dollars

Your quickest way to a million dollars to find someone who has already done it and use the K.I.P. Technology. You don't need a teacher you need a success role model.

A marketing teacher, out for a jog, met a student who had taken his classes 10 years earlier. The student wanted to thank the teacher for his life changing marketinglessons because they had brought him amazing success in his business start up as he applied all that he had learned. His annual turnover had gone from zero to $5,000,000.He gave his former teacher all the credit for this great financial tunaround in loud praise.Then he asked the teacher one question -"What are you doing now?" - fully expecting him to have started his own business with success.

The teacher answered, sheepishly, "I'm still teaching the marketing lessons I taught you?".The ex-student replied "Oh" trying to hide his surprise.He realised that he and the teacher both had access to the K.I.

P Technology but only one of them had put it to work properly.K.I.P Technology involves Knowledge, Information and Profit. You learn the knowledge presented by a teacher, then organize it into usable portions of Information about niche areas. Finally, and most importantly, you use the Information as you take massive action in the market place to develop products and services that are in high demand.

You should avoid being like the marketing teacher who had all the best knowledge but failed to develop any income streams from it. Massive action would have made the teacher a million dollar business.You can use the K.I.

P Technology today to gain your own success through the quickewst way to your million dollars.Copyright 2006 Kenneth Little.

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By: Kenneth Little

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