Take Some Time Out

We live in a most beautiful world. A world that with all intense and purposes is magical in every way. Today we are so busy that we miss out on the very thing that supports every breath we take. The balance of life is delicate. Watching the news day in and day out it is easy to get down.

A lot of what one hears about is terrorism, war, crises after crises.Our children in schools are constantly under the pressures of becoming something. I could give numerous examples both positive and negative, but it leads to much of the same thing. Our relationships with one another and the world that we live in, are diminishing.The reason this is happening is because we are so caught up in ourselves. No one denies the necessity of physical survival, but the physiological quest for me and my glory, is leading to a constant drive for personal becoming.

This personal becoming is quenching the flame of humility, of compassion, of care.Take time out for a walk. Take a minute to look around you. Take a minute to help another.

With all the distractions it is easy to get consumed, but remember when you are out of touch with the planet, with your fellow human being, you are not truthfully living. You merely exist in a day to day rat race. Home to work, work to home. Without the world neither you nor I could exist, we could not live. Without one another we would be nothing.

This is all relative. Break the routine, take some time out. Do it today.


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By: Paul Hegarty

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