The Foundation for Peak Performance

I believe it is safe to assume that you desire to perform at your peak in your business this year. You desire to do better this year than you did last year.If peak performance in business appeals to you, then read on. If not, if you are satisfied with mediocre results, you can stop reading right now, for you won't find this article useful.To help you understand the crux of this article, bear this in mind: peak performance is an outward 'effect'.

It is an outward 'result' or 'outcome', so to speak.Thus if that is the outcome you desire in your business and personal life (for the principle I'm about to talk about applies universally to any area of life you choose), it stands to reason that you need to work on the 'cause' behind the desired 'effect'.This means going back to the basics. Going back within yourself and answering the following questions (and similar ones):.- What do I stand for?.

- What are my core values in life?.- Why am I in business?.- What end result do I desire in my business?.

- What price am I willing to pay to achieve that result?.- How can I ensure that my business activities honour my values?.- How can I remain true to myself in business?.- Do I genuinely care about others?.

- What are my true feelings about money and wealth?.The answers to questions like these provide you with guidelines that create a solid foundation for you to perform at your peak in life, and produce outstanding results.This is because when you exist in a state of harmony and congruence, you literally attract forces that aid you in accomplishing virtually anything you set out to achieve.

Conversely, when you are in a state of internal conflict, you repel any support that would otherwise be available to you.Thus the place to start in your journey to peak performance, is *within*. Get clear about your values, what you stand for, etc. Commit to being true to yourself first and foremost.Get rid of any sources of conflict within and around you.

Be crystal clear about what you intend to achieve, the sort of person you desire to become.In doing this, you are setting the stage for the tools and techniques of success to work in your favour.

.Dr Kem Thompson is a Success Coach, Speaker, Author.

She can help you achieve better results at work, business, play, spiritual or in your social life.For resources you can use today to create a better life, sign up for her FREE ezine (and get a thank-you gift)- 'Days of Success' by submitting the form at

By: Dr Kem Thompson

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