The Transition

The elevator doors opened. I tried to swallow but I couldn't. My stomach was filled with a million butterflies. My palms were icy cold. I had anxiously awaited this day and really did not want to blow it. The reality of finally graduating from school had not fully sunk in, but as I stepped into the elevator it was becoming more real.

I had landed a coveted interview as the assistant for the public relations person of a prestigious financial firm. I must have looked very attractive on paper. I was always good at expressing myself in written words. I was so unsure of myself when it came to my verbal expression; I had worked myself up into a tizzy.It was a whole different world on campus.

Student life was what I would call a safe world. Hardly ever lifting my head up from my research books made me an excellent academic student. My social life however, did not go beyond my research partners and my room-mate. I was socially inept but the first step of being granted this interview involved all the things I was good at. I had to send in a copy of my transcript and write an essay as to why I would be the right person for the job. My room-mate along with some of my other research partners all applied for this job.

I was the only one that got back a response thus far.Here I was on the elevator headed for the twelfth floor and all I wanted was for the base of the elevator to open up and swallow me. Staring straight ahead I was totally unaware of the other people who had gotten on with me.

When the woman standing next to me smiled and complimented my outfit, it took me several seconds before I realized she was talking to me. Sheri, my room-mate, had insisted that we go shopping to purchase just the right outfit for the interview. She was quite the fashion diva and always thought it important to be seen in an attire that was suitable for the occasion.

I smiled nervously and thanked the woman.She was not finished, "Is that a SoHe original?"."Yes it is," I responded. The only reason I knew this was a SoHe design was because Sheri insisted that SoHe attire showed confidence. I thought that if I could not act the part, I would at least look it. That was all unusual for me but there wasn't anything routine about this day.

Some how the woman's small talk took my mind off the task at hand and I relaxed a little. I was still a little nervous because I did not even realize that she had gotten off at the same floor I had.I walked up to the receptionist and gave her my name and the name of the person who was interviewing me.

She instructed me to have a seat and said she would be with me shortly. There were several magazines in the waiting area. I chose to read one that featured the company I was seeking employment with. The article was about the art of successful investing. Just as I was finished with the article, I heard my name. I looked up to see the woman from the elevator.

"Hi, I am Eleanor Jackson," she said as she extended her hand. For some strange reason I felt relieved. I smiled as I shook her hand. "I see you were making yourself familiar with the foundation of successful investing." She kept talking as we approached her office.

After we entered she said, "Have a seat," gesturing with her hands for me to sit in one of the chairs in front of her desk.I sat down. She closed the door, and then proceeded to sit behind her desk. I could not help noticing the beautiful view from the glass wall behind her. Her voice brought me back to my purpose for being there. "You have quite an impressive transcript.

Do you have any immediate plans to pursue further studies?".At that point I had not given a whole lot of thought to much of anything. In my mind getting a job seemed to be the next logical step. Something told me that was not the answer she was looking for.

With not much time to contemplate my answer, I found myself responding."At the present time I do not have any specific plans, but I am open to any particular area of study that would enhance my ability to perform in the work place. I understand that this firm does quite a bit of investigating before recommending that a client invest in a particular company. I am very intrigued at the prospect of sorting through sales information and determining whether there are more profits than losses and expenditures." I paused, I could not tell if my answer met her satisfaction but I was never good at picking up nonverbal cues. "In regard to furthering my education, I would do so if that is what is required of me.

".She responding by asking, "What sort of data would you be looking at to determine if a company has sound financial standing?" I sensed she was testing me to see if I was genuinely interested in how they operated their business. Her question was directly related to the article I had just read. So I was confident as I answered."I could compare their actual sales with their projected ones to decipher what's real from what is just propaganda.

" From that point on I spoke freely. This was not a whole lot different from presenting my hypothesis, data and conclusion in class.As I stepped off that elevator once again into the lobby, I concluded that the educational arena did prepare me for the real world.

The setting and the environment would be a lot different. I would still have to work hard to stay on top of things; the work place was where theories were put into practice.

.Ruth Andrews Garnes writes to encourage and motivate others. It is her philosophy that we have all had some kind of struggles,therefore we should not feel ashamed or try to cover them up.

Rather we should feel free to express how we have benefited from them. This way others who are coming up behind us may realize that there is a light at the end of their difficult path.For more information on her writings visit her web-site at

By: Ruth Garnes

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