We Need a Peace and Security Union to Replace UN Security Council

The United Nations Security Council has been too slow to respond to world threats in the war on terror and they have provided barriers to fighting the war on terror. If the United States of America and her allies are to rid the planet of international terrorism in the present period, then they will need a stronger and more dedicated United Nations Security Council.It is unfortunate that the United Nations Security Council is weak on this issue.

International terrorist organizations and the nation states that sponsor them must be stopped from taking innocent life in massive international terrorist acts of murder.Apparently, there are too many self interests amongst the nations in the United Nations Security Council for them to be effective in putting sanctions or even using force against nation states that sponsor international terrorist groups. Apparently some of the nations which make up the United Nations Security Council wish to continue to do business with the nation states that sponsor international terrorism and sell them weapons and arms.

It is truly troubling that we cannot come to some consensus at the United Nations to stopping international terrorism and each time we fail to do so more people die. So, I have a question; should we replace the United Nations Security Council with a new organization perhaps the Peace and Security Union and then start anew.Something must be done, otherwise we have disruption to civilizations, the flow of transportation, the cost of energy and thousands of more innocent lives will perish. And God help us if a nation state which sponsors international terrorism ever starts giving nuclear bombs or weapons to these international terrorist organizations. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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