What are Hen Nights Anyway

I get this question all of the time, what are hen nights? Well, let's put it this way, hen nights are probably the most fun you are going to have in your entire life. This is one of the few times that people will really let their hair down, one of the few nights that they will really let themselves go and enjoy everything that crosses their path. If only people got married more often!.

Hen nights are what a woman's friends throw for her just before the wedding. Thos who have some money to burn oftentimes make the hen nights into hen weekends. These are even more fun because you have more time to cram in some fun filled activities.

And what a great selection of activities there are!.There are towns that specifically cater to hen nights and weekends. These are the kinds of places that you will want to go back to all of the time because they are so fun and exciting. Places such as Bournemouth, Sheffield and Newcastle are just a few of the top picks of hens everywhere. If you get the chance to go to one of these places to celebrate this hen night or hen weekend then you have to take it.

You will never forget it, that I can promise you!.Your best bet is to plan your activities before you get there though. Of course you will want to leave some flexibility to your schedule incase you get sidetracked. There are so many things to do that this is bound to happen from time to time. No matter how carefully people plan their hen nights there is always something fun that gets overlooked.

Don't worry about it though, just go with the flow and enjoy!.The first thing that many women do for their hen nights is to relax with a good massage or a relaxing facial. There is nothing like getting pampered before you hit the town and start enjoying the nightlife. You may even want to get your hair and nails done. This is something that all women can enjoy and it will make everyone feel beautiful and sexy and that is a great way to start off hen nights.

From there you can go a number of different ways. If you like to see some shows up on stage then you can take in a great musical. There are all kinds that have garnered great reviews and many of them are perfect for any and all hen nights. You can ask about these at your hotel if you are out of town or give your local theaters a call if you are staying in town.

The newspaper might even have a list of the shows that are currently running in your town or city.If you like a little more adventure then why not go rock climbing or paintballing? These are both fun ways to play together on your hen nights. It is all about what you and your group of friends enjoy. Try to stick with the things that everyone will have fun doing for this type of occasion. Hen nights are not as fun when someone feels left out of slighted.

.Martin Lucchi is a Web Developer for Eclipse Leisure, a British company that organizes hen weekends, stag nights, Corporate Events and Team Building Activities for the UK and Europe.

By: Martin Lucchi

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