What Can We Learn From Ancient Societies

When we use the word "ancient" it conjures up ideas of old-fashioned and antiquated. However, many of the ideas from the ancient world have shaped our society today. Think of the state of democracy developed in ancient Greece.

This is still the principle upon which today's democratic governments are based. The use of herbal medicine from ancient China is now enjoying popularity among many people looking for an alternative to chemicals and pills as a way of healing them from disease.There are many facets of ancient societies that we have yet to figure out.

These people did not have the technology and equipment we are blessed with today, but they were able to construct such wonders as the Pyramids of Egypt and the colossal temples of ancient Greece and Rome. How did they manage such feats requiring superhuman strength? The Olympic Games are an important part of sports and young athletes aspire to reach gold medal status. This tradition dates back to ancient Greece when athletes travelled to Athens from all corners of the country to show off their prowess and talent.The great philosophers of the ancient world still have a place in the universities of today as young students avidly read their words and try to discern the meaning of life.

We owe out modern medicine to the ancient peoples and our doctors still take the Hippocratic oath when they graduate with their medical degree.The belief in the need for a healthy mind and body came from the ancient world, as did much of our knowledge about using metals for jewellery and decoration. These people were able to mine vast amounts of precious stones and accumulate great wealth. There is one thing that society of today has yet to learn from the ancient world. That is how to learn to appreciate the earth and not destroy its beauty.

These people only took from the earth what they needed to survive so that we can still enjoy it today.

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By: Jordi Shoman

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