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All people in the world long to get the best of everything. Most of the time one will not get the best though one chooses wholeheartedly and strives endlessly to get it. Even after having plenty of money, one cannot really buy happiness, good health, truly best relative, noblest bliss, companion, peace or love. To live in peace is a great bliss but what is the best of the best? Let's look at some of the best.Good health is the best gift because without good health, all gifts of clothing, food, drinks, diamonds, gold, silver, houses and so on will not make that person happy.

He cannot enjoy because of his illness and valuable gifts that are given during the time of illness cannot be appreciated.One who is healthy can enjoy good health and acquire property in accordance to one's physical and mental strength. Those who are healthy must know how to appreciate their good health and be aware of their words, actions, mind, and also to the unseen. One who wishes to have the best gift of good health in the present life must understand what we do today affects our tomorrow.Sleeping and eating at regular hours, exercise and not over eating are factors which will give one the gift of good health. Many do not realize the mind must be adjusted by co-existing happily with members of the household, husband, wife and children, who can provide happiness, good mental health and peace of mind.

Living peacefully with members of the family is a very important factor in determining good health.In preaching that contentment is the best property means that those who acquired wealth lawfully but are not contented are attached to their property and never have enough. With this dissatisfaction of not having enough, they cannot practise the joy of giving. Their wealth and property will not be beneficial in this life and future lives. Thus they are inferior type of wealth.

Those who are contented with the property they have lawfully acquired do not have much attachment to their property. They can easily donate and give willingly which in return benefit them in this life and future lives. Contentment for them is certainly the best property.When we say a close friend is the best relative, it means that you may have brothers and sisters born of the same parents but if you do not have the same mentality and are not close to one another, it cannot be considered the best relative. They cannot be termed as the best relatives but just ordinary relatives. Best of friends can be much closer than brothers or sisters.

In time of difficulty, one will know who is closer, a good friend or brother. Experience will tell a close friend is definitely the best relative.On the road of life, confidence is the best companion, the sweetest provision, and the greatest wealth. Confidence can bear all the heavy burdens and guide one on the righteous and enlightening way, and allow one to face real difficulties.

It also has the power to challenge temptation and give one the power to fight through long-term trials.Difficulty is the benefactor of success, thus one should feel grateful to difficulty instead of complaining about it. If there is something which obstructs our success or progress, then we will be able to generate the power to conquer it.One who encounters Tao and practises it will have the noblest bliss. He is awakened to the truth and will realize the meaning of life.

When he realizes the truth of righteousness and wrongfulness, he will understand that all the things he has done have always been involved with both gains and losses. By attaining Tao, he will be able to have a broad mind, renounce his physical nature in favor of his original nature. He will put into practice equality, expel greed, keep a satisfied heart, initiate one's generous heart and lead others into the truth. He will find eternal and noblest bliss.

Author: T.A Chew.


T.A Chew, a Tao practitioner since 1995 has always been a simple person not expecting the best of everything. Contented with his simple life, he finds joy in every little thing. The greatest joy is encountering Tao and to him it is the noblest bliss. Website: http://www. Source:


By: Teow Aun Chew

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