Why Opt For a Donna Karen Bra

Donna Karen bras come in all shapes and sizes and colors too depending on the taste of the wearer. Women all over the world could not help but salivate for the latest Donna Karen bra in the market.The Donna Karen push up bra can provide good breast support to well-endowed women. At the same time, this underwire bra is in ideal choice for those who are less blessed in the chest as they can make the most of their assets by wearing the Donna Karen push up bra.Push up bras by Donna Karen come in comfortable cups lined with cotton and straps that are adjustable.

The tulle material used for the cups can make the wearer feel sophisticated.Another work of art is the Donna Karen lace contour bra with underwire. Modern women will feel comfortable and elegant wearing this bra which exudes a feminine touch.

All these luxurious feminine wear were designed by Donna Karen who started her training stint in fashion at the Parson's School of Design. Donna Karen worked as one of Anne Klein's designer but ultimately established her own fashion line in 1984.While Donna Karen is known for her various clothing lines including the men's line she designed with her husband as inspiration, her underwear line has remained timeless and remains sought after by women of all ages.Among the sector looking forward to her old and new bra designs are career women who want to wear comfortable but classy underwear.

Donna Karen's bra designs are also a hit among housewives and single females who want to experience the luxurious feeling of being clad in a Donna Karen bra.Today, bras are considered as part and parcel of a woman's clothing wear but this was not the case several years ago. During the period from 450 BC to 285 AD, women in Rome and Greece used bands to decrease the size of their breasts.The delicate present day bras fail in comparison to the warrior-like corsets worn by women in the early 1800s. Most of these corsets were made of steel and other hard materials that it usually required a lot of help before a woman can squeeze herself into it.

The invention and registration of the very first bra-like device came in the 1950s but the corsets remained still a fashion statement despite the discomforts and health problems it brought women who wore them.The first invention which closely resembled the modern bras worn by today's women was the one invented by Marie Tucek. Just like today's bras, Tucek's breast supporter had two pouches straps a hook and eye for easy attachment. However, the first patented bra which was made of silk and ribbons was the one designed by Mary Phelps Jacob, a socialite from New York City.Thanks to the invention of Lycra, women have been liberated from uncomfortable bra materials. Some of the modern day bras are made of Lycra which was first produced by Dupont and Warners way back in 1959.

.The term brassiere was coined by Vogue magazine in 1907. Prior to that, the bras worn by women today had varying names like breast support. But whatever name it is called, the modern day bra is a memorial to women's struggle since time immemorial.

In fact, the bra burning incident in 1968 did not really just involved bras but other female clothing and accessories such as heels and make up. However, the focus was on the bra burning because it signified liberation for women which was what the protestors would like to emphasize at that time.


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By: Joyce Dietzel

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