Your Friendship Personality

What kind of friend you are? What kind of friends do you have? Whether your friendships will last? Can you make good friends? Are you a true friends? There are many questions about friendship. Why not try quizzes to find out about your friendship personality? You will enjoy trying quizzes and sharing with your friends.What do I mean by friendship personality? Do you remember meeting people, you never liked right from first meeting? And there were some you loved right from the word-Go.

There is an attraction and openness about some people which we like and we want to become friends with them. They are honest and reliable. They look like caring persons and have good values.

We love them for that. Such people can be relied upon. We feel that such friends will be with us and will always be there for us.

We also enjoy their togetherness and personality. You will find their faces smiling most of the times and such people avoid making fun of friends.Such people have positive friendship personality. They are good human beings and value others and their friendships. They attract friends in droves.

We have to act friendly and outgoing with others to tell them that we are open for a friendly relationship. Our body language has to speak about our openness and our willingness to connect. Only after we develop these traits, shall we look friendly.


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By: CD Mohatta

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