Get Up One More Time Than Youve Fallen Down - Have you ever failed or made a mistake? Good, then this nugget is for you.

Rant Rave Week - Well I?m back and just as opinionated as ever.

Success The Quickest Way to Your Million Dollars - Your quickest way to a million dollars to find someone who has already done it and use the K.

The Seductive Power of Mans Flirting Tools What are They - Presuming you have an opportunity to flirt.

Kissing Tips Make a Kiss More Passionate - Kissing is something that most couples do.

Be a Cheerful Receiver - Most people live by the adage that "it is better to give than receive" and believe somehow it is wrong or selfish to accept anything for themselves and strictly for themselves-that there is something "wrong" or selfish with receiving.

Taking Your Abusive Mate To Court Why Some Women Dont - Today I went to court against my abuser.

Three Steps to Take Back the Night - ?Take Back the Night? events across the country in April are a grim reminder of just how serious a problem crime against women has become.

Lance Rants about WMD Going from Iraq into Syria - In some intelligence circles it has been reported that the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iran cannot be found, because the day before the attack on Baghdad they moved from Iraq into Syria.

Relationship Intimacy Keys For A Better One Part - There are few things in this world that are better than a great marriage or relationship.

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