Christmas Gift Ideas - Christmas is a red-letter day of rejoicing and gifting the world over.

Yoga for Kids Building SelfImage Part - There is plenty of competition to go around in this world.

Proselytizing in Other Cultures Gee Why Do I Feel So Persecuted - Why should Christians cry "persecution" whenever they find themselves harassed or even jailed in countries where the cultural mindset is not Christian? Much ado is being made about a Christian minister in this area who has been arrested for "publ.

Its in the habits - Do you want to know the true secret to success in life and business? I am sure you do.

Many Around The World Doubt The US Will Win The War On Terror - Believe it or not many around the world actually believe that the United States cannot win the war on terror.

The Top Signs of Infidelity and Why Knowing Them Wont Help You Catch a Cheating Mate - As an infidelity expert, one of the most frequent questions people ask me is ?What are the top 10 signs of infidelity?? For curious minds, I?ve listed them below.

Great Expectations Make Hope Work for You - 
"Research has clearly shown that we tend to live up to what is expected of us.

Get Noticed With Online Dating - Make sure you stand out from the dating crowd - with a great photo .

Conquer Your Desktop Clutter with Action Files - Action files enable you to unclutter your desk yet still keep reminders and current papers close at hand.

Take Some Time Out - We live in a most beautiful world.

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